Area Information

Enjoy the variety of Activities along the entire street of Jalan By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra or choose to go to Safari Bali Marine Park, Komune Beach Club, Ubud Centre a chill out atmospher. Kori Maharani Villas & Resort Bali is an ideal venue for a vacation, event, perfect for all types of traveler and family.

How to get here

Scheduled shuttle service to/from surrounding areas of Kori Maharani Villas & Resort or asking the front office desk by dial "0"
10 minutes away from “Bali Safari Marine Park”, is a complex recreation and education park which have 7 featured products. They are Safari Journey, Bali Agung Show, Mara River Safari Lodge, Elephant Back Safari
15 minutes from Komune Beach Club
15 minutes from Taman Nusa Cultural Park
30 minutes from Ubud Centre